Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA)

ecia_logoCounterfeit parts are becoming more prevalent in our industry. These parts cause problems from production shutdown to product failure. In addition, purchasing from non-authorized distributors or brokers will lead to a loss of warranty and product support.

The best way to receive genuine parts with full warranty coverage and have access to after-sales support is to purchase only through TI Authorized Semiconductor Distributors. Discontinued or obsolete TI products should be purchased exclusively from Rochester Electronics.

About ECIA

ecia_logoThe National Electronic Distributors Association (NEDA) and the Electronic Components Association (ECA) have consolidated forces to form the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA). ECIA is a not-for-profit trade association representing manufacturers of electronic components and their supplier authorized distribution partners and independent field sales representatives. The association is dedicated to promoting and improving the business environment for the authorized sales of electronic components and enhancing the distributor-manufacturer relationship. ECIA connects the electronic components industry and elevates technology through programs, standards, services, and networking.