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TLV320AIC3254: low-power 1.8V audio codec with miniDSP

Key Features

PowerTune™ technology
  • DAC
    (stereo, 48ksps, Dvdd=Avdd=1.8V)
    • 90 dB @ 7.7 mW
    • 100 dB @ 9.1 mW
    • Additional data:
      91dB @ 4.1mW (stereo, 48ksps, Dvdd=1.26V, Avdd=1.8V)
      89.6dB @ 2.4mW (stereo, 8ksps, Dvdd=1.26V, Avdd=1.5V)
  • ADC
    (stereo, 48ksps, Dvdd=Avdd=1.8V)
    • 86 dB @ 8.4 mW
    • 93 dB @ 14.2 mW
    • Additional data:
      88dB @ 6mW (stereo, 48ksps, Dvdd=1.26V, Avdd=1.5V)
  • miniDSP
    • Two independent cores:
      One on each the ADC and DAC, which can also be synchronized
  • Integrated LDO for single-supply operation


  • Cell phones
  • Portable navigation devices (PND)
  • Portable media players (PMP)
  • MP3 players
  • Systems that require lowest power usage possible
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The TLV320AIC3254 can help differentiate your designs for better audio quality, increased power control. The miniDSP off-loads the host processor to run complex algorithms such as noise and echo cancellation. PowerTune™ technology provides maximum flexibility to control power consumption. This codec's single-supply operation makes board design simpler and less expensive. The TLV320AIC3254 is supported by a PurePath™ Studio Development Toolkit to use pre-defined software as well as develop customized components.

Produce feature-rich consumer electronics products with better audio quality, longer battery life.

  • Excellent audio is a key differentiator for portable end-equipment designs
  • Low power consumption is important in today's competitive environment
  • Flexible, customization supports end-equipment design and speeds time to market
TLV320AIC3254 in a PMP Block Diagram
TLV320AIC3254 in a Portable Media Player Block Diagram

Additional TLV320AIC3254 Device Features

  • Sample rates from 8kHz to 192kHz
  • Integrated PLL: 512kHz to 50MHz master input clock
  • I²C or SPI control interface
  • 2 x 64 mW into 16Ω stereo headphones
  • Package option: 5x5 mm 32-QFN

Download the datasheet to learn more about the TLV320AIC3254


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