Design Support


The Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides debug support for systems with multiple processor cores connected on the same JTAG scan path. This process, sometimes referred to as co-emulation, allows the user to coordinate debugging between all of the processors. The Parallel Debug Manager (PDM) control within Code Composer Studio IDE can be used to execute the targets in parallel, i.e., stepping or running. It can also be used to configure global breakpoints. This feature allows you to designate groups of processors that halt when any member of the group halts. Global breakpoints and co-emulation are very useful when trying to debug code that provides communication or signaling between processors. By default, Code Composer Studio can provide co-emulation only when the target device driver supports all of the processors in the scan path. Since the target device drivers are generally dedicated to a single Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), it is not possible to configure normal device drivers for co-emulation when the debug targets are from different ISAs (e.g., a TMS470R1x™ and a TMS320C54x™). This application note describes how to setup Code Composer Studio using the heterogeneous device driver, and how to start debugging a target system containing heterogeneous devices using the Parallel Debug Manager.