Creating and managing your TI store account

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Does my personal information get stored on TI for future purchases?

If you are checking out while logged into your myTI account, you can use your saved addresses in your address book on the TI store. However, for security reasons and customer protection, your payment information is not retained. You will need to provide this information for every order. You can view and update your shipping addresses by accessing the address book in your store account.

This answer is provided for your convenience only. TI's Terms of Sale, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy apply to your order placed on TI store. 

How can I add or change addresses in my myTI account address book?

To add an address, you can save the address you are using in the checkout process at the bottom of shipping and/or billing address there is a checkbox for saving the address. Alternatively go directly to "My account" select "Address book" and then "Add address."

In order to edit an existing address, go to your "Address book" under "My account" and select "Edit"  for the address that needs to be updated.

Currently, we do not have the infrastructure in place to synchronize the TI store user account information with your myTI information.


How do I create my myTI account?

To create a myTI account, please go to this link: Creating a myTI account

How do I update my myTI account?

Go to this link to update Updating your myTI account

When I changed my address in my TI store account, why did my address not get updated in my myTI account?

Currently, we do not have the infrastructure in place to synchronize the TI store user account information with your myTI information.

How do I update a saved address to include the country code for my phone number moving forward?

There are a couple of ways to update your country code and save it into your existing addresses

1. Go to your address book and update your desired address

2. During the checkout process, select the country code and then select the checkbox to save your
address in the checkout process. Save using the same name to update your existing address in the address book.

The exception is that we cannot update your myTI address currently to include this on your cart. Our suggestion is to change your default to another address by going to your address book and selecting “Set as default” to another address.