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FPD-Link Camera SerDes for smaller designs

Reduce system size while increasing video transmission bandwidth

Our camera SerDes help you reduce system size and cost while optimizing high-speed data transfer in camera designs for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AV). These devices support uncompressed video, control and power over a single low-latency cable.

FPD-Link III for ADAS cameras & radar

Video, bidirectional control and power over a single coax or STP cable

Car with adas camera


Enables tiny camera designs

  • Video, bidirectional control and power over a single coax cable
  • Supports Power-over-Coax (PoC)
  • Ultra-low latency allows ISP to be moved to ECU
  • Tiny 5x5 mm serializer package
adas system


High performance

  • Uncompressed video transmission
  • Support for 1MP, 2MP, RADAR and beyond
  • Adaptive EQ automatically compensates for cable length and aging
  • Meets automotive EMC requirements
adas camera dashboard


Low total system cost

  • Simple, low component count solution
  • Supports low-cost coax cables
  • Modular, scalable portfolio
  • Easy multi-camera aggregation and replication

Featured FPD-Link SerDes for ADAS cameras & radar


CSI-2 to FPD-Link III 3-Gbps serializer with low-power consumption


CSI-2 to FPD-Link III 4.16-Gbps serializer operating up to 125°C


FPD-Link III to CSI-2 deserializer hub (four channels)