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Alternate Mode for USB Type-C™: Going Beyond USB

TI enables USB Type-C Alternate Mode with a 10G linear redriver switch solution capable of delivering high-quality 10G USB data and 8K video over a single interface.

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Application note

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Schematic Checklist of TMUXHS4212EVM and TMUXHS4412EVM PDF 388 16 Mar 2021
eUSB2 Repeater Design Guide PDF 1407 01 Dec 2020
Schematic Checklist for HD3SS3212 and HD3SS3220 PDF 74 31 Mar 2020

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A primer on USB Type-C and Power Delivery applications and requirements (Rev. A) PDF 2184 08 Jan 2021
Test Report for Cascade Analog Multiplexers PDF 680 24 Nov 2020
USB System Design Considerations: Switches and Redrivers PDF 432 16 Nov 2018