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Alternate Mode for USB Type-C™: Going Beyond USB

TI enables USB Type-C Alternate Mode with a 10G linear redriver switch solution capable of delivering high-quality 10G USB data and 8K video over a single interface.

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Application note

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Schematic Checklist of TMUXHS4212EVM and TMUXHS4412EVM PDF 388 16 Mar 2021
eUSB2 Repeater Design Guide PDF 1407 01 Dec 2020
TS3USB221A-Q1 Functional Safe Fit rate FMD and Pin-FMA PDF 380 16 Jun 2020

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A primer on USB Type-C and Power Delivery applications and requirements (Rev. A) PDF 2184 08 Jan 2021
Test Report for Cascade Analog Multiplexers PDF 680 24 Nov 2020
USB System Design Considerations: Switches and Redrivers PDF 432 16 Nov 2018