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98.5% Efficiency, 6.6-kW Totem-Pole PFC Reference Design for HEV/EV Onboard Charger

This reference design functions from a base of SiC MOSFETs driven by a C2000™ MCU with SiC-isolated gate drivers. It implements three-phase interleaving and operates in CCM to achieve 98.5% efficiency.

Automotive High-Voltage and Isolation Leakage Measurements Reference Design

This design monitors the isolation resistance of a high-voltage bus to the chassis ground, a necessary feature in HEV/EV subsystems operating at voltages greater than 60 V.

Automotive Reinforced Isolation CAN Reference Design

This reference design supports HEV/EV applications where isolated CAN communication is required with a simple isolated transformer driver to save power and features a low-transmission delay.

Thermal Protection Reference Design of IGBT Modules for HEV/EV Traction Inverters

This reference design is a full temperature sensing solution for the IGBT modules in inverter systems that monitors the IGBT temperature and provides thermal shutdown to the IGBT gate drivers.

Bidirectional 400V-12V DC/DC Converter Reference Design

This design is a microcontroller-based implementation of an isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter. This digitally-controlled system can optimally control the power stage and make seamless transitions between operation modes and PWM switching patterns.

Isolated Current Sense Reference Design (±300 A) for Traction Inverter With Overcurrent Detection

This isolated phase current measurement design features precise in-line shunt-based motor phase current sensing, improved noise immunity to switching transients and faster reaction times for overcurrent events.