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Signal isolators with integrated power

Signal isolators with integrated DC/DC converters for low-emission, compact designs

Our portfolio of digital and analog products with integrated power combine robust, high-voltage isolation technology with low-emission, high-efficiency DC/DC converters in a single package. Designed to achieve high performance, compact and reliable isolated solutions, our integrated isolated power products feature reinforced isolation ratings, multiple channel and package options across our portfolios of integrated amplifiers, data converters and interface devices.

Digital signal isolators with integrated power

Multichannel digital isolators with integrated power featuring isolation ratings of 5 kVRMS and up to 0.65 W of output power optimized for low emissions and compact designs.

Isolated interfaces with integrated power

EMC optimized for reliable low noise performance, our integrated isolated interfaces combine 5-kVRMS isolated transceivers with low emissions DC/DC converters for complete isolated transceiver solutions in a single package.

Isolated ADCs & amplifiers with integrated power

Isolated ADCs & amplifiers with integrated power are reinforced isolated modulators for current sensing and voltage sensing applications including internal isolated DC/DC converters.

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