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Watch tutorials on both fundamental and complex logic concepts that are made easy to understand in just a couple of minutes.

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Get answers to a comprehensive list of common questions related to logic and translation devices.

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로직 및 변환 시작

레퍼런스 디자인 및 평가 모듈

주요 기술 콘텐츠

CMOS 입력/출력 매개 변수 및 기능

Implications of slow or floating CMOS inputs Download
Understanding Schmitt triggers Download
Solving CMOS transition rate issues using Schmit trigger solution Download
CMOS power consumption and CPD calculation Download
Logic in live-insertion applications with a focus on GTLP Download
Bus-hold circuit Download

변환 디바이스로 설계

A guide to voltage translation with TXB-Type translators Download
A guide to voltage translation with TXS-Type translators Download
Voltage translation with the LSF family Download
Biasing requirements for TXS, TXB, and LSF auto-bidirectional translators Download
Effects of pullup and pulldown resistors on TXS and TXB devices Download

로직 디바이스로 설계

Push-button circuit Download
Use of the CMOS unbuffered inverter in oscillator circuits Download
Designing with the SN74LVC1G123 monostable multivibrator Download
LVC07A: Applications of an open-drain hex buffer and discussion of char results Download
CMOS phase-locked-loop applications Download