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Wireless connectivity

Wi-Fi products – 기술 문서

CC3x20, CC3x35 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Internet-on-a chip™ Solution Built-In Security (Rev. C)

시스템 구현에 대한 보안 관련 기능 및 권장 사항에 대해 자세히 알아보십시오.

Understanding Wireless Connectivity in the Industrial IoT

산업용 IoT를 위한 무선 연결 설계 고려 사항

Low-Power Internet Connectivity Over Wi-Fi (Rev. A)

IoT 애플리케이션을 인터넷에 연결하는 저전력 Wi-Fi 솔루션 구현

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User guide

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WiLink8 R8.8 Linux Wi-Fi Driver Release Build User's Guide (Rev. A) PDF 890 27 Oct 2020
SimpleLink Wi-Fi AT Command User's Guide (Rev. D) PDF 868 19 Oct 2020
WiLink8 Getting Started Guide PDF 487 06 Oct 2020

More literature

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Building your application with security in mind (Rev. E) PDF 2206 28 Oct 2020
Product Information for CC3xxx Devices as Per Annex-E of EN 300 328 ZIP 90 10 Aug 2020
Product Information for CC3xxx Devices as Per Annex-G of EN 301 893 ZIP 71 10 Aug 2020