Attribution of marks in literature

Attribution of TI's marks in literature

Law provides for others to use TI's marks in referring to TI's goods and services. We ask that you use our marks properly as trademarks or services marks and attribute the ownership of the marks to TI.

The attribution of any of TI's trademarks is shown as a footnote indicating the word, name, symbol or device used in the literature piece is a trademark or service mark and attributing the ownership of that mark to TI.

For example, the footnote for TI's marks reads as follows:  

 _____________ is a trademark of Texas Instruments

"Incorporated" is not used in the attribution line.

The attribution for our DLP digital imaging systems mark reads:   

DLP is a trademark of Texas Instruments

In special situations, where all of the marks are only TI's marks, many marks are used, and there is limited space for the attribution, you may use the following attribution line:   

All trademarks are the property of Texas Instruments