Using TI as a trade name and as a trademark

Avoid confusion between using TI as a trade name and using TI as a trademark. If you refer to the company, you are using TI as a trade name and you may use the possessive. If you are using TI to modify a generic noun that refers to TI products or services, you are using it as a trademark. A trademark is not used as a possessive. Thus:

Trade name:  

TI's trademarks


TI integrated circuits  

TI design services

To show TI as the source of any trademarked goods or services, use the possessive of our trade name before one of our trademarks followed by the necessary generic noun.Where the reader can make the connection to TI from the rest of the communication, you may omit the trade name from before the trademark and let the trademark stand alone with its generic noun.

Or, simply refer to TI's trademarked product or service as being "made by TI", or "made by Texas Instruments".

Alternatively, refer to our trademarked product or service as being "from” or “by” TI, or Texas Instruments.

Avoid using the trademark form “TI” before one of our other trademarks.


TI's TMS320™ DSP      

TMS320™ DSP      

The TMS320™ DSP made by TI.