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TI InstaSPIN™ motor control solutions

TI InstaSPIN sensorless, three-phase motor solutions makes designing motor control applications easier whether you have a simple application or a complex design. TI's InstaSPIN-enabled MCUs provide expertise to designers of sensorless (velocity and torque) or sensored (position, velocity and torque) motor control applications and are enabled by a special library on select Piccolo™ microcontrollers. 


Sensorless (FAST software encoder) torque or velocity control for any three-phase motor

  • Motor parameter identification
  • Applications: compressors, pumps, and AC drives


Sensored position or velocity motion control for any three-phase motor

  • Single variable position/velocity control tuning
  • Applications: robotics, CNC, and servos

Tools & software

InstaSPIN motor control solutions are offered on a variety of evaluation modules in order to make it easier to evaluate and develop

  • GUIs for evaluation and development
  • Software with documentation and support


InstaSPIN-FOC (field-oriented-control) technology enables designers — even those with limited motor control experience — to identify, tune and fully control any type of three-phase, variable speed motor control system in just minutes.

InsatSPIN-FOC features

InstaSPIN-FOC features

Motor identification

  • No datasheet required
  • One time parameter identification based on simple motor nameplate data (max voltage, current)
  • Optional Rs on-line feature can track resistance changes and provide compensation during operation

FAST software encoder

Universal three-phase motor software encoder

  • Rotor flux observer / estimator
  • Requires no tuning
  • Stable, reliable, and recoverable feedback to control system
  • Unique, high quality feedback signals for use in control systems

Control loop tuning

  • FOC current controllers automatically tuned for stable operation
  • User tuned speed controller
  • PowerWarp technology saves energy under partial loads

System flexibility

  • Created for any three-phase motor system
  • Simple API interface
  • Full customization for expert users

Field control

  • Field weakening allows for the rotor to obtain higher speeds than designed and enables optimum sizing of motor
  • Field boosting increases the magnetic field of the motor and enables optimum sizing of the motor

Software architectures

The flexibility of the library allows for a variety of configurations including: 

  • Using the library only for feedback
  • Fully abstracted sensorless FOC torque or torque and speed loop with minor user control adjustments
  • Fully customizable control system 


TI InstaSPIN-MOTION solutions are powered by SpinTAC from LineStream Technologies.  InstaSPIN-MOTION solutions are ideal for applications that require accurate speed and position control, minimal disturbance, and for applications that undergo multiple state transitions or experience dynamic changes. 

InstaSPIN-MOTION solutions are a super-set solution, including all features and capabilities of InstaSPIN-FOC.

InstaSPIN-MOTION features

InstaSPIN-MOTION features

Identify inertia

  • Uses inertia to provide the most accurate system control across a wide range of inertia change
  • The SpinTAC intertia estimator automatically measures system inertia by spinning the motor and measuring feedback

Simple tuning

  • Single coefficient tuning to quickly test and tune your control from soft to stiff response
  • Reduce complexity and system tuning time in multi-variable PID based systems with single gain (bandwidth) that works across the entire variable speed, position and load range of an application
  • A single parameter tunes both position and speed

Disturbance rejection

  • SpinTAC controller automatically rejects disturbances caused by:
    • cycle transitions
    • changing loads
    • environmental disturbances
  • Maximize control and recover more quickly than a PI controller, with less oscillation, and minimal over/undershoot

Execute motion profiles

  • SpinTAC runs on the processor to create smooth configurable trajectories between two positions/speeds
  • The Motion Engine automatically generates the best curve to satisfy the user-entered jerk and acceleration constraints for each move

Plan trajectories

  • Quickly build various states of motion (point A to point B) and tie them together with state based logic (hold for time, wait for interrupt, move to state C or D based on logic, etc.) in minutes
  • Directly embed the trajectories into the C code on the microcontroller

Software architectures

Example projects are designed in a modular structure to demonstrate the flexibility of adding InstaSPIN-MOTION features to your application. Architectures include:

  • Sensorless speed control
  • Sensored speed control
  • Sensored position (servo) control

Featured tools & software

TI InstaSPIN three-phase motor solutions are offered on a variety of evaluation modules in order to make evaluating and developing motor control applications easier. For additional support, view the InstaSPIN User's Guide or the E2E forum

The latest software and documentation package for developing InstaSPIN-FOC solutions for the F28004xC series.

This GUI instruments the common variables in any MotorControl SDK InstaSPIN-FOC project.

The software and documentation package for developing InstaSPIN-FOC or InstaSPIN-MOTION solutions for F2806x, F2805x, and F2802x series.

This GUI instruments the common variables in any MotorWare project and is useful during evaluation and development.

A static demonstration GUI that shows many of the general features and capability for MotorWare based InstaSPIN solutions.