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C2000 real-time microcontrollers – Sensing & DSP

C2000 is used for a variety of applications which focus on high speed acquisition and processing of signals.

Learn more about the C2000 portfolio capabilities for acquisition, processing and stimulation capability.

Tools & resources

Utilize C2000 tools and evaluation modules and take advantage of third party tools for simulation and code generation.

Education and training

Various resources available for education and training on C2000 applications for sensing and signal processing.

C2000 for sensing and signal processing

C2000 MCUs include key features that make it beneficial for sensing and processing systems. In systems with control requirements, customers require accurate sensing of system parameters, low-latency processing of control law equations, and precise generation of actuation signals.

These types of capabilities enable real-time hand-shaking, data sharing, and debug. The C2000 devices are highly configurable and provide the control functions of sensing, processing, actuation, and connectivity. 

C2000 Sensing and Signal Processing Applications

What is being sensed and processed?
End Applications
Radio, magnetic, and light Radar, Acousto-magnetic, and Lidar techniques for distance measurement or proximity detection

24GHz radar for blind spot detection

Electronic article surveillance tag detection

Robotic course mapping

Sonic and Ultrasonic High frequency inaudible sounds for distance, level, flow, or proximity detection

Sonar mapping and fish finders

Automotive and industrial level and flow sensors

Collision avoidance for robots and drones

Ultrasonic Sensing for Level and Concentration Measurement Evaluation Module

Automotive Ultrasonic Fluid Level/Quality Measurement Reference Design

Power Voltage, current, and frequency for testing and diagnostics

Power and phasor measurement and conditioning units

Battery and LED test equipment

Industrial measurement equipment

Arc detection

Interleaved CCM Totem Pole Bridgeless Power Factor Correction (PFC) Reference Design

Software Phase Locked Loop Design Using C2000™ Microcontrollers for Three Phase Grid Connected Applications

Implementing Arc Detection in Solar Applications: Achieving Compliance with the new UL 1699B Standard 

Rotor Position Encoding or decoding of optical or magnetic signals for rotor shaft position or velocity Standalone encoders or decoder functionality integrated into higher precision motor controllers used in industrial drives, automation,  and robotics C2000 DesignDRIVE Software for Industrial Drives and Motor Control
Carrier Frequency Modulated frequency carried over power lines Power Line based communications used in solar, appliances, and other industrial applications Interfacing the C2000™ With an AFE030/1: FSK Example

Signal Sensing & Actuation

All C2000 devices include on-chip Analog to Digital converters (ADC)

  • 12-bit single-ended input or 16-bit differential inputs
  • Single A/D converter with dual sample-and-hold or multiple A/D converters with single sample-and-hold
    • Allows for sequential or simultaneous sampling operation
  • Conversion speeds from 1MSPS to greater than 12 MSPS

C2000 devices offer SPI and McBSP digital peripherals - with direct memory access (DMA) – to interface to external ADCs

  • Some applications require specialized analog front-ends or A/D converters with specifications outside the capability of those integrated on a C2000 MCU
  • Capability to synchronize external conversions with internal timers 

High-resolution capture (HRCAP) peripheral measures the width of external pulses with a typical resolution within hundreds of picoseconds.

Uses include: 

  • Capacitive touch applications
  • High-resolution period and duty cycle measurements of pulse train cycles
  • Instantaneous speed measurements
  • Instantaneous frequency measurements
  • Voltage measurements across an isolation boundary
  • Distance/sonar measurement and scanning

Signal Processing

C2000 Processing Unit

The C28x CPU features include a modified Harvard architecture and circular addressing with single-cycle instruction execution, register-to-register operation, intuitive instruction set, byte packing and unpacking, and bit manipulation.

Instruction and data fetches can be performed in parallel. The CPU can read instructions and data while it writes data simultaneously to maintain the single-cycle instruction operation across the pipeline. 


Control Law Accelerator (CLA)

Fully-programmable independent 32-bit floating-point hardware accelerator that is designed for math intensive computations. It is designed to execute digital signal processing or control algorithms in parallel with the C28x CPU, effectively doubling the computational performance. 

Trigonometric Math Unit (TMU)

An extension of the FPU and enhances the instruction set by efficiently executing trigonometric and arithmetic operations; sine, cosine, arctangent, divide, and square root. 

Single Precision Floating Point Unit (FPU)

  • Adds an extended set of floating-point registers and instructions
  • Floating-point math provides a large dynamic range and programmer no longer needs to worry about scaling and saturation, thereby making it easier to develop code
  • Floating-point performance dramatically enhances the mathematical computation horsepower used in signal processing and control algorithms.
  • On average, greater than a 2.5 times performance improvement can be achieved with floating-point math compared to fixed-point math

Viterbi, Complex Math, and CRC Unit (VCU)

  • Tightly coupled fixed-point accelerator very useful for general-purpose signal processing applications such as filtering and spectral analysis
  • Complex FFT 16-bit fixed-point only requires 5 cycles per stage
  • Complex filter capability
  • Complex I and Q multiply with coefficients (four multiplies) in a single cycle
  • Read/write the real and imaginary parts of 16-bit complex data to memory in a single cycle
  • 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit CRCs for verifying data integrity

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System Actuation

All C2000 devices include flexible timers used to generate custom PWM stimulation or carrier signals