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C2000™ real-time control MCUs

Optimized for processing, sensing, and actuation to improve closed loop performance

C2000 real-time controllers are a portfolio of high-performance microcontrollers that are purpose-built to control power electronics and provide advanced digital signal processing in industrial and automotive applications. In over 20 years at the forefront of the analog to digital control revolution, C2000 MCUs have evolved to provide precision sensing, powerful processing, and premium actuation to enable engineers to create the world’s most efficient power control systems.

Proven portfolio

The C2000 microcontroller family features over twenty distinct series with a wide range of performance and peripheral options.

Purpose built

Designed for the most challenging real-time control applications requiring premium sensing, the fastest possible computations, and highest resolution system actuation to enable you to develop the most efficient product.

Accelerating applications

We prove the value of our microcontrollers in real-time control and accelerate your product development by providing software development kits, libraries, and tools along with application EVMs and reference designs.

Getting to know C2000 real-time control MCUs

Sense feedback, process the response and actuate control systems with minimal latency.

C2000 real-time control MCUs use a proprietary 32-bit core - the C28x CPU - offering single-cycle operations and up to 300 MIPS coupled with a highly-optimized peripheral and interrupt management bus.  With powerful, integrated peripherals, these real-time, single-chip control solutions are designed for a variety of control applications.

How C2000 32-bit microcontrollers work



More performance per MHz enabled by an instruction set optimized for control math that is unlike the average MCU.

The C28x math-optimized core gives designers the flexibility to improve system efficiency and system reliability.  As a cross between a microcontroller and a digital signal processor, C2000 real-time controllers bring the execution speed of a DSP with the code density and ease of use of a microcontroller. 

Enhanced Instruction Set

The C28x CPU instruction set enables the realization of complex real-time control systems using an instruction set optimized for minimum cycles and deterministic execution. The enhanced instructions are supported by the following functional units: 

  • Floating Point Unit (FPU): Optimized IEEE 32-bit and 64-bit floating-point instructions supporting fast multiplication, addition, subtraction, saturation and float <-> integer conversion operations.
  • Trigonometric Non-Linear PID  Math Unit (TMU): Optimized IEEE 32-bit floating-point instructions supporting fast  SIN, COS, ATAN, ATAN2, DIV, SQRT, LOG, EXP operations.
  • Fast Division Unit (FDIV): Optimized IEEE 32-bit floating-point and integer instructions supporting fast  32-bit and 64-bit division for several combination of data types.
Powerful 32-bit microcontroller processing

Parallel CPU Processing

In addition to the C28x-CPU, an additional CPU (CLA-CPU) running in parallel enables the off-loading of control processing tasks. The Control Law Accelerator (CLA-CPU) can efficiently execute control math in 32-bit Floating-Point format. The CLA-CPU can service interrupts and access peripheral resources (such as ADC and PWM) independently from the C28x-CPU. In some systems there could be multiple C28x-CPUs + CLA-CPUs to run multiple tasks in parallel enhancing the overall system performance. 


Embedded real-time controllers need purpose-built peripherals to deliver integrated system-on-chip solutions for the most demanding closed-loop control systems. Sensing peripherals with the proper speed, accuracy, and resolution that coordinate with actuation (timing) peripherals - which apply the processed calculation to the control system – are required, along with industry standard communication peripherals to implement connected and intelligent applications.


Operate efficiently, increase performance, and implement advanced control techniques.

  • Micro-edge positioning technology creates precise PWM waveforms to increase system performance
  • Technology-packed PWM modules support advanced timing and generation techniques to control complex power stages
  • PWM trip logic provides reactive and asynchronous system protection with included high-performance analog sensing circuitry
C2000 32-bit microcontrollers actuation overview

Actuation features

Precision control

  • High-resolution PWM duty cycle
  • High-resolution PWM period
  • High-resolution PWM phase control
  • High-resolution PWM dead-band
  • Advanced time synchronization between PWMs

Flexible interfacing

  • Advanced inter-PWM and ADC synchronization
  • Variety of timer count modes
  • Customizable triggering
  • External DACs for reference bias waveform generation

Advanced protection

  • Directly trip PWMs without CPU intervention, nor clocking
  • Supports PWM shutdown or cycle-by-cycle PWM modification
  • Peak current mode control support


Premium integrated analog

The C2000 platform offers a variety of analog peripherals, such as ADC, DAC, programmable gain amplifiers, comparators, sigma-delta filters, and high-resolution capture for the purpose of increasing fidelity of control system inputs while reducing system costs.

Precise sensing

  • Up to 12.5 mega-samples-per-second (MSPS) conversion rates
  • 12-bit to 16-bit sampling resolutions
  • Sigma-delta filter modules for isolated current sensing or resolver position decoding
  • PGAs for easy signal conditioning

Responsive protection

  • Comparator tied directly to PWM for asynchronous PWM trip
  • High speed, 30ns comparator outputs

Digital interfacing

  • High-resolution digital signal capture with precise 150ps resolution
  • High-performance motor speed and position interfacing


Configurable Logic Block (CLB)

The CLB peripheral allows you to augment existing C2000 peripherals and implement custom logic.  This can enable you to integrate critical functions into a single C2000 MCU and reduce in size or completely eliminate your FPGA, CPLD, or external logic components.  

Things that can be designed with the CLB:

  • Advanced PWM protection schemes for reliability and safety
  • Complex PWM generation, burst mode PWM, and periodic blanking
  • Complex signal capture and sequence detection
  • Logic based filters and signal conditioning
  • Task profiling and time threshold monitoring
  • Highly customized general purpose outputs
  • Pulse train outputs
  • Absolute encoder interfaces 
CLB integration

System integration with CLB

CLB overview diagram

CLB interconnect to on-chip peripherals


C2000 real-time control MCUs come with a variety of connectivity options to keep applications in sync with serial interfaces including I2C, SPI, UART and McBSP, protocols such as CAN and LIN and standards such as USB and FSI.

c2000 connectivity options

Expansive product portfolio built for real-time control

C2000 real-time control MCU families address wide-ranging real-time control applications to sense feedback, process a control response, and actuate the system with minimal latency.

  • Price points from entry level to high-end performance
  • Application-tuned feature-sets
  • Integrated flash memory sizes from 16 KB to 1.5 MB
  • Temperature ranges from –40°C to 125°C and AEC-Q100 qualification
  • Security enablers including software IP protection and debug security
  • Wide-array of package options
C2000 product portfolio showing performance of generation 2 and generation 3

High performance portfolio

NEW! TMS320F2838xD MCUs

NEW! TMS320F2838xS MCUs

TMS320F2837xD MCUs

TMS320F2837xS MCUs

TMS320F2833x MCUs


Performance 925 MIPS 525 MIPS 800 MIPS 400 MIPS 100 - 150 MIPS
Core 2x C28x + 2x CLA + ARM 1xC28x + 1xCLA + ARM 2x CPU + 2x CLA CPU + CLA C28x


FLASH 1.5 MB 1.0 MB Up to 1 MB Flash Up to 1 MB Flash Up to 512 KB Flash
SRAM 338 KB 277 KB Up to 204 KB SRAM Up to 164 KB SRAM Up to 68 KB SRAM


Pin-count 176-337
100-337 100-337 176-179

Entry to middle performance portfolio

TMS320F2807x MCUs

TMS320F28004x MCUs

NEW! TMS320F28002x MCUs

TMS320F2803x MCUs

TMS320F2802x MCUs


Core CPU + coprocessor CPU + coprocessor CPU CPU + coprocessor CPU
Core Freq 120 – 240 MIPS 100 – 200 MIPS 100 MIPS 60 – 120 MIPS Up to 60 MIPS


FLASH Up to 512KB Up to 256 KB Up to 128KB Up to 128KB Up to 64KB
SRAM 100KB 100KB 24KB 20KB 12KB


Pin-count 100-176 56-100 48-80 56-80 38-48

C2000 MCU functional safety

Optimized for processing, sensing and actuation to improve closed loop performance for functional safety compliant systems

Select C2000 real-time controllers are designed using a rigorous hardware development process and are equipped with built-in safety mechanisms to help detect and prevent or, at a minimum, detect and reduce the impact of dangerous failures resulting from systematic faults or random hardware faults.  See the overall TI functional safety story for more information.

Functional safety compliant products are developed using an ISO 26262/IEC 61508 compliant HW development process that is independently assessed & certified to meet ASIL D/SIL 3 systematic capability

Detect and prevent random hardware faults

Take advantage of our customizable FMEDA and over 300 safety mechanisms described in our functional safety manuals to meet applicable random HW capability at a component level

Simplify system safety certification

Streamline your system safety certification & expedite time to market by leveraging our safety documentation, safety diagnostics library, compiler qualification kits and third party tools

C2000 MCU Functional Safety compliant  solutions

Developed following the enhanced rigor of our functional safety-compliant (TUV SUD certified) hardware development process. These products are targeted towards automotive and industrial applications which require compliance to the ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 standards respectively.

C2000 MCU Functional Safety quality managed products

Developed in compliance with our ISO-9001/IATF-16949 compliant hardware development process that features many elements necessary to manage and mitigate systematic faults. Nominally, these products support compliance to the IEC 60730-1, UL 1998 and IEC 60335-1 standards, and are mainly targeted towards white goods, household goods and appliances. Additionally, the documentation and reports for these products can be used to assist with compliance to a wide-range of standards for your end applications including automotive and industrial systems (e.g ISO 26262, IEC 61508).  

Developed according to QRAS AP00210 process for Systematic Capability
Component level Random Hardware Capability


F280049C/ F280049/ F280048C/ F280048 CLA enabled device only
IEC 60730 Capability
TMS320F2837xD Class C
TMS320F2837xS Class C
TMS320F2807x Class C
TMS320F28004x Class C 
TMS320F2806x Class B
TMS320F2805x Class B
TMS320F2803x Class B
TMS320F2802x Class B
TMS320F28002x Class C