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MSP430 microcontrollers – Applications

Building automation

We are committed to providing a broad portfolio of MCUs that can be used in virtually every smart building product or application. Smarter sensing, energy and power efficiency and analog integration features allow you to monitor and control intelligent buildings to create safe, efficient and enjoyable building environments. Here’s some featured building systems that can benefit from a comprehensive, single platform of MSP430™ MCUs:

Building automation
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Fire safety

Fire & smoke detector

Smoke detector designs are challenged to optimize the BOM while meeting the industry standards and maintaining the lowest power consumption. With a history spanning decades of support for the smoke detector market, MSP430 microcontrollers help our customers solve key design challenges. 

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
10 years+ battery life or drive more sensor nodes by bus power ‹2uA average power consumption
Ability to detect small photodiode currents Low leakage internal transimpedance
amplifier (5pA)
More accurate detection of smokes and distinction between real smoke vs. nuisance Integrated OPAmps and DACs to enable dual-ray detection to achieve higher accuracy vs. single-ray detection
Optimized BOM while meeting industry standards MCU with integrated OPAmps, PGAs, DACs, ADC and temp sensor to help to reduce BOM
Enable rapid prototyping and testing Software configurable integrated analog signal chain elements
smoke detector

Building security systems

Access control

Add capacitive touch to your security system keypad and electronic smart lock designs with MSP430 capacitive sensing microcontrollers. Leverage a broad portfolio that can scale with your needs – from discrete touch solutions to SoCs for more system control.

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
Energy efficiency / long battery life Benchmark performance for standby current consumption
Small form factor and board size Flexible sensor/button design for small board space
Resistance to harsh elements/environments IPX5-rated solutions for water/moisture rejection
RF noise immunity Spread spectrum modulation and frequency hopping techniques to reduce antenna interference
Time to market Real-time tuning and code generation with CapTIvate Design Center
access control

Motion & occupancy detection

Motion and occupancy detectors are a common fixture in most residential & commercial spaces. They enable energy-efficient lighting systems, as well as the detection of security threats. MSP430 microcontrollers allow for the implementation of low-power motion detectors based on both digital & analog PIR sensors.

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
10 years+ battery life Flexible low power modes <1uA
Efficient and effective analog signal chain for long detection range MCU with integrated OPAmps, PGAs, DACs, ADC and temp sensor
Scalable options allowing for rapid prototyping of analog or digital sensors Wide portfolio with high integration of analog and digital interfaces 
Small form factor and board size Wide variety of packages down to 2mm2
motion detector

Lighting & HVAC


Revolutionize your traditional lighting control design with MSP430 capacitive sensing MCUs. Enhance functionality by adding dimming control, color mixing, and proximity backlighting. Improve aesthetics with sleek, modern overlay materials, and reduce mechanical complexity by eliminating moving parts.

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
Touch detection reliability/robustness SYNC feature to align capacitive touch measurements to AC zero crossings
Small form factor and board size Flexible sensor/button design for small board space
State retention for on/off or dimming settings in case of power loss Built-in non-volatile FRAM with unlimited writes
RF noise immunity
Spread spectrum modulation and frequency hopping techniques to reduce antenna interference
Time to market Real-time tuning and code generation with CapTIvate Design Center
building automation lighting panel


Whether you are designing a simple thermostat or a smart thermostat with intuitive HMI, MSP430 microcontrollers help you address complex challenges and deliver what’s next in thermostat design.  MSP430 microcontrollers can help with ultra-low-power  consumption, more functionality, and better aesthetics and design.

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
Intuitive HMI design within space constraints, Capacitive touch functionality for better user interface CapTIvate™ technology can support tiny buttons or sliders.
Reduce false detects for capacitive touch designs, enable battery life over 15 years and support waterproof, glove-friendly designs CapTIvate™ technology with 0.9µA/button, 10V rms noise immunity and support for metal overlays
Reduced BOM cost Integrated LCD driver, OPAMPs/PGAs, DACs and Real Time Clock helps to reduce discrete components on board.
Ultra-low-power for higher battery lifetime Standby current < 1uA with RTC

Grid infrastructure

Our solutions and broad portfolio of devices enable efficient energy management and delivery to develop a grid that meets global compliance standards for long-term reliability and future-proofing. Whether it’s implementing ultrasonic sensing for higher accuracy and precision, making mechanical meters smarter, or creating more cost-effective electric meters, we offer a wide variety of SoCs, host MCUs, and analog front-end to meet your every need. 

smart meter
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Ultrasonic flow meters

With no moving or mechanical parts, ultrasonic sensing technique is the preferred technology for high accuracy static water, heat and gas meters. MSP430 MCUs with integrated ultrasonic sensing analog front end helps customers to design their products to exceed the performance standards, achieve higher battery life and quicken time to market,

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
Achieve accurate low flow detection and high dynamic range Integrated AFE with impedance matching and cross correlation technique
Extend battery life to achieve full potential Ultra-low power core, high speed ADC and effective use of Low Energy Accelerator (LEA) for digital signal processing
Lower system cost Adapt low cost, off the shelf transducers without compromising metrology performance or accuracy
Easier to develop and expedite time to market Comprehensive reference design with guidance on measurement profile and Ultrasonic Design Center SW
Lower production time and cost Enhanced calibration technique across temperature and flow rates
flow meter
Featured devices
Tools and development kits
Design resources




Companion device: OPA838

MSP430FR6047 ultrasonic sensing evaluation module

MSP430FR6043 ultrasonic sensing evaluation module

Development software: Ultrasonic Design Center

Training: Ultrasonic water meters

Training: Ultrasonic gas meters

Reference design: Water meter subsystem

Reference design: Gas meter subsystem

Application note: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Rotary/mechanical flow meters

In today’s world of connected applications, there's a trend is to convert mechanical meters into smart flow meters. MSP430 MCUs with integrated scan interface enable this trend by supporting multiple sensing technologies (like optical sensing, magnetic sensing and LC sensors) for flow measurement. 

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
Optimized cost and higher accuracy of mechanical flow measurement

System on chip with enhanced scan interface peripheral enables higher accuracy and lower cost
Ultra-low-power background flow measurement Ultra-low-power active (100uA/MHz) and standby modes (350nA)
Fast and low power data logging and firmware update possibility Integrated FRAM memory enables 100x faster data write speed compared to standard Flash memory
Advanced security for automated meter reading, automated meter infrastructure needs AES256 and true random number seed for random number generation algorithm
Expedite time to develop and time to market Reference design and evaluation modules to speed up the design phase
mechanical meter

Electricity meters

Electricity meters

E-Meters are often required to meet ANSI C12.20 and IEC 62053 accuracy standards, and at the same time enhance system security and code/data protection for smart electric meters. MSP430 microcontrollers with high precision ADCs & sophisticated peripherals enable a single chip solution to achieve these requirements and goals.

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
Supporting sensors across different designs and architectures
Flexibility to design with current transformers, shunts or other sensors, and a broad portfolio for single and 3 phase meters
Achieve <0.1/<0.2% accuracy over 2000:1 dynamic input range for phase current High precision Sigma Delta ADCs with integrated PGAs to achieve higher accuracy
Reduce cases of energy theft and revenue loss due to meter tampering (magnetic and mechanical) Hardware real-time clock with separate Vbat and tamper detect IOs
Reduce system level cost System on chip with 24-bit, 7 individual Sigma Delta ADCs with differential inputs and integrated PGAs, LCD controller & RTC
Implementing and testing complex metrology functions and scaling across multiple configurations may delay time to market Faster time to market enabled by easier implementation of metrology functions through Energy Measurement Design Center (EMDC)
Achieving ultra-long run-time with >10yrs battery life Ultra-low-power modes with <2uA standby mode
e meter

Factory automation

Our integrated MCUs enable designers to build transmitters with high precision, energy and power efficiency, communication capabilities, and small form factor. 

factory automation
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Field transmitters

Field transmitters convert temperature/pressure/flow measurement into an electrical representation and transmit them over a loop powered 4-20 mA interface, an IO-Link interface or wireless connection. MSP430 MCUs offer unique advantages for both the measurement of parameters as well as the interfaces used for transmission of those measurements.

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
Precision signal chain for sensing Integrated configurable signal chain elements including OpAmps, PGAs, DACs and ADCs
Quick firmware update for IO-Link, without stalling the CPU or blocking the memory Integrated FRAM memory is 100x faster than Flash memory - no buffering or pre-erase required
Ultra-low current consumption, especially for loop powered applications Ultra-low power consumption (<700na standby power and ~100uA/MHz)
Small form factor and extended operating temperature MCU options with105C operating temperature and small package size (4x4, 5x5)
field transmitter
Featured devices
Tools and development kits
Design resources
MSP430FR2355 – 32KB FRAM, 105C, 4x4 package, Integrated DACs & PGAs MSP430FR2355 LaunchPad™ development kit Application note: How to Use the Smart Analog Combo in MSP430™ MCUs
MSP430FR2476 – 64KB FRAM, 105C, 5x5 package MSP430FR2476 LaunchPad™ development kit Training: MSP430 MCUs Smart Analog Combo 
MSP430FR5969 – 64KB FRAM, 7x7 package MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad Development Kit Reference design: IO-Link Firmware Update leveraging
MSP430 FRAM Technology
MSP430FR5738 – 16KB FRAM, 2x2/4x4 package 40-pin Target Development Board

Reference design: Ultra-Small IO-Link Sensor Transmitter
with RTD Front End

Reference design: 4-20mA current loop temperature

Other applications

What products are you developing? The broad MSP430 MCU portfolio offers more than 1,000 orderable part numbers of 16-bit MCUs that can match your design needs in virtually every industry, design, and application. For example: 

other applications
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Users demand sleek interfaces with controls beyond mechanical buttons. With MSP430 capacitive touch MCUs, you can enable swipe gestures for skipping/rewinding, drag gestures to adjust volume, and tap gestures for pause/play/mute operations. 

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
Energy efficiency / long battery life Benchmark performance for standby current consumption
Advanced touch gestures Support and example library for control gestures
Resistance to harsh elements/environments for outdoor/recreational speakers IPX5-rated solutions for water/moisture rejection
RF noise immunity Spread spectrum modulation and frequency hopping techniques to reduce antenna interference
Time to market Real-time tuning and code generation with CapTIvate Design Center

Blood glucose monitors

Reduce time to market and system complexity with our fully integrated blood glucose meter SoC’s.  Offering designers flexible, yet precise analog peripherals, an integrated LCD driver and USB capability combined with an energy efficient MSP430 microcontroller.  

Design challenge
MSP430 advantages & benefits
Precise current measurement required 12 & 16-bit ADC’s tightly coupled with op-amps provide a high performance signal chain solution
Cost optimized design target Highly integrated single chip solution reduces overall BOM
Long battery life from CR2032 cell Flexible power modes allow extended life with <1uA RTC
blood glucose meter