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Scalable and efficient performance for simple control to advanced data analytics

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Our affordable microcontrollers and processors deliver scalable and efficient performance and cutting-edge technology to enable the next generation of embedded applications. Combined with extensive open-source hardware, software and tools, and free online support from industry experts, we make it possible to quickly create and launch differentiated products within all markets. 

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Why choose TI microcontrollers and processors?



Our products offer scalable performance that can adapt and grow as the needs of your customers evolve. 



We design products that extend battery life, maximize performance for every watt expended, and unlock the highest levels of system efficiency. 



We strive to make innovation accessible to all by creating cost-effective parts that feature state-of-the-art technology and package designs.



Our investment in internal manufacturing capacity provides greater assurance of supply, supporting your growth for decades to come.

Making the future of embedded possible

Edge AI technology for embedded vision systems

Build intelligent camera systems with our scalable vision processor family and open-source software. Our vision processors enable a wide range of artificial intelligence capabilities like people and object detection, character recognition, and pose estimation in vision-based applications with up to 12 cameras.

Real-time control technology for digital power and motor control

Achieve low-latency real-time control for every performance level and price point. Our large portfolio of real-time microcontrollers enables everything from simple motor control to complex high-performance multi-axis servo drives, traction controllers, and the latest in high-efficiency power topologies.

Industrial communication technology for automated systems

Enable seamless and scalable connectivity for industrial communication and automotive networking. Our large portfolio of microcontrollers and processors for networking and industrial communication features diverse communication interfaces, next-generation technologies, such as time-sensitive networking and single-pair Ethernet, and integrated industrial protocol stacks for seamless connectivity and scalability.

Functional safety technology for critical system functions

Achieve the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) your design requires. Our Functional Safety-Compliant products leverage our TÜV SÜD-certified functional safety hardware and software development processes and help streamline the development of safety critical functions.