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BDTI DSP Kernel Benchmarks

BDTI DSP Kernel benchmarks are the property of Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. (BDTI), an independent source of analysis, advice and engineering for embedded processor technology and applications.

The BDTImark2000™ is a summary measure of processors’ signal-processing speed. The score is distilled from a processor’s results on the BDTI DSP Kernel Benchmarks™, a suite of 12 key DSP algorithms. A higher score indicates a faster processor. Because it is based on realistic benchmarks, the BDTImark2000 characterizes a processor’s signal processing speed far more accurately than simplified measures such as millions of multiply-accumulates per second (MMACS). Moreover, the benchmarks themselves are implemented in hand-coded assembly language, just as would be done for critical DSP inner loops in a performance-critical application.

For more information about the BDTImark2000, please see BDTI’s white paper The BDTImark2000: A Measure of DSP Execution Speed.

BDTImark2000 scores for floating-point package processors

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1 Lower range of scores is official single-thread BDTIsimMark2000, higher score is projected best case score using the maximum number of available threads (not an official BDTIsimMark2000 score).

2 Score for one core.All processors benchmarked with 32-bit floating-point data.