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DSP Libraries - Image Processing

TI provides optimized function libraries that are commonly used in image/video applications. These routines are typically used in intensive image/video real-time applications where optimal execution speed is critical.

Image analysis

  • Image boundry and perimeter
  • Morphological operation
  • Edge detection
  • Image Histogram
  • Image thresholding

Image filtering and format conversion

  • Color space conversion
  • Image convolution
  • Image correlation
  • Error diffusion
  • Median filtering
  • Pixel expansion

Image compression and decompression

  • Forward and inverse DCT
  • Motion estimation
  • Quantization
  • Wavelet processing

There are several signal processing libraries available, corresponding to particular TI devices. All libraries are optimized floating point libraries except for the C55x IMGLIB which is fixed point.

Multicore C66x

World’s fastest DSP single and multicore

Sitara™ AM57x

High performance Arm® with DSP acceleration