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DSP Libraries - Signal Processing

TI provides optimized libraries that are commonly used in signal processing applications. These routines are typically used in computationally intensive real-time applications where optimal execution speed is critical. TI provides two libraries for optimized signal processing functions.

Math Library (MATHLIB)

Optimized math routines including functions in the following categories:

  • Trigonometric and Hyperbolic: Sin, Cos, Tan, Arctan, etc.
  • Power, exponential and logarithmic

DSP Library (DSPLIB)

Optimized DSP routines including functions in the following categories:

  • Adaptive filtering
  • Correlation
  • FFT
  • Filtering and convolution: FIR, biquad, IIR, convolution
  • Math: Dot products, max value, min val, etc.
  • Matrix operations

There are several signal processing libraries available, corresponding to particular TI devices. Click on a download button to get to the associated library download page.

Multicore C66x

Multicore C66x

World’s fastest DSP single and multicore

Multicore Arm® + DSP 66AK2x

Multicore Arm® + DSP 66AK2x

High performance DSP + Arm®

Sitara™ AM57x

Sitara™ AM57x

High performance Arm® with DSP acceleration