Ultrasonic cleaning ICs

Improve camera reliability with solid-state sensor cleaning for machine vision systems

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Our ultrasonic lens cleaning (ULC) devices enable automatic detection and cleaning in cameras and sensors. Using ULC technology, our integrated circuits reduce the size and maintenance required for camera cleaning systems and improve machine vision reliability with features such as autosensing, temperature monitoring and fault detection.

Single-channel PWM-input piezo transducer driver for ultrasonic cleaning with wide supply voltage

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 5.35


Configurable DSP for ultrasonic lens cleaning with current and voltage sensing and PWM output

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 6.43

Why choose our ultrasonic cleaning ICs?


Improve camera reliability and system accuracy

Customize your design with programmable cleaning modes and integrated algorithms for the rapid removal of contaminants such as water, ice, dirt or dust from camera lenses in various environments.


Reduce system size and maintenance requirements

Eliminate the need for complex mechanical parts and human intervention in lens cleaning systems with the first purpose-built semiconductors for lens cleaning.


Harness our portfolio's flexibility

Support for various cleaning system profiles with a wide supply voltage from 0 V to 50 V and up to 2 MHz, supporting various aperture sizes, camera lens shapes and designs.

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