Quick add to cart FAQs

Quick add to cart FAQs

NOTICE: The quick add to cart functionality may not be not available. We appologize for any inconvenience this is causing. If you need help with your order, contact the customer support center.

What is Quick add to cart?

Quick add to cart allows customers to load up to 30 items via a .xls, .xlsx, .csv, or manually upload in the order worksheet section. You can download and use a template from TI or use any existing file (including a BOM run through the BOM & cross reference tool) and map the correct columns of part number, customer reference number and quantity. TI can only sell items that are available to be purchased through TI.com; therefore, we cannot add competitor devices or devices that are currently out of stock or not sold on TI.com to your cart. Once the cart has successfully been loaded continue with the normal checkout to complete the order.

Why am I getting error messages?

You may get error messages if your file does not contain a correct TI manufacturer part number (including package type), if the part number is not available to purchase via TI.com, or if your requested quantity is above the available inventory. You may also get a warning if your file is longer than 30 rows as this is the limit of devices we can upload from this tool. There is also a button at the top of the worksheet to remove items with errors which will get you to a clean list of part numbers and quantities to upload to your cart. 

How do I map columns once I upload my file?

Once you upload a file, first select which row you want to start at. For example, if you have a header, please put your start at row at 2 to skip the first row. Then select the columns that are applicable to part number, customer reference number, and quantity (part number and quantity are required) before pushing the apply headings button at the bottom. 

How do I add additional rows to the worksheet?

At the bottom of the order worksheet, there is a + symbol. Push the + symbol to add more rows. Please note that up to 30 rows can be added per worksheet.