Introducing myTI company accounts

Do business with us faster than ever

What are company accounts?

A company account is a shared account amongst individual myTI accounts at the same company.

With a myTI company account, you and your colleagues can do business with TI faster and easier than ever. In addition to leveraging our new company accounts, you get exclusive access to our application programming interface (API) suite, inventory features and a convenient purchasing experience.

Seamless collaboration with colleagues

Quickly onboard colleagues and improve account control through permission management. Save time by delegating purchases. myTI accounts can be assigned various levels of access to the company account based on their role, but all users can see the company’s checkout profiles and order history.

Integrate existing tools with our API suite 

Complete purchase to pay ordering without logging into By using your own in-house developer, integrate information into your system to get the product information when you need it - making buying easier than ever.

Streamline your checkout process

Save shipping and payment options. Use your own carrier or use ours; it’s your choice. Flexible payment options, including lines of credit, enable your company to purchase now and pay later.