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Battery charger ICs – Featured products

Wearable friendly

TI’s wearable friendly portfolio includes <2W small battery chargers featuring low quiescent current, small size with integration, and accurate current/voltage regulation. This allows any wearable to be smaller and work longer.  

Wearable friendly


700nA low iq highly integrated battery charge management solution


250-mA single cell Li-Ion battery charger, 1mA termination, 75nA battery leakage


USB-friendly lithium based battery charger with power-path for 4.35V batteries


1A single-input, single cell Li-Ion battery charger. Vovp=6.6V

High power linear

TI’s high power linear portfolio includes one or two cell charging applications where charging current is <1.5A and a simple charging solution is needed.  

High power linear


Li-Ion charger with dynamic power-path management, output regulated to 4.4V


1.5A USB-friendly Li-Ion battery charger and power-path management IC with 4.1 VBAT


1A, Single input, single cell Li-Ion battery charger w/ 10kΩ NTC


Dual input Li-Ion charger with dynamic power path, output regulated to 4.4V, Vbat 4.2V

Single cell fast charger

TI’s fast battery charging portfolio includes 1S fully integrated fast chargers up to 8A with the highest efficiency and the lowest temperature in the industry. With various technologies like MaxCharge™ technology, input current optimizer, charge time optimizer, and IR compensation, TI is able to speed up battery charging for many applications including high-end smart phones, tablets and portable speakers.

Single cell fast charger


1S 5A fast charger MaxCharge™ technology for high input voltage and adjustable USB OTG boost


I2C controlled 4.5A single cell USB / adaptor charger


I2C controlled 6A three-level switch mode single-cell charger


8A switched cap battery charger with integrated protection

Single cell low power charger

TI’s low power battery charging portfolio includes 1S integrated chargers with up to 2.5A charging current with the following attributes: single or dual inputs, QFN or WCSP package, and Power Path or non-Power Path. The portfolio supports middle-end and cost-effective smartphones, tablets, portable audio, gaming console, toys and portable industrial equipment.

Single cell low power charger


I2C controlled single cell 3-A battery charger with high input voltage and power path


2A single input I2C/standalone switch-mode Li-Ion battery charger


Fully integrated switch-mode 1S Li-Ion charger with full USB-compliance


Stand alone single cell 3-A fast charger with high input voltage and power path

Host-controlled charger

TI’s host-controlled charging portfolio includes 1S-4S SMBus and I2C charger controllers with different charging architectures including: NVDC, traditional with turbo boost and/or traditional without turbo boost. This portfolio supports notebooks, ultra-books, medical equipment, and industrial equipment.

Host-controlled charger


NVDC I2C battery buck-boost charge controller with system power monitor & processor


1-4 Cell hybrid power boost mode battery charge controller with power and processor hot monitoring


1-4 Cell Li+ battery SMBus charge controller with n-channel power MOSFET selector


1-4S I2C NVDC battery charge controller with system power monitor & processor hot indicator

Standalone charger

TI’s standalone charger portfolio, where the charging profile is set by external resistors and capacitors, includes 1S-6S standalone charging controller and 1-3S integrated solutions that support different battery chemistries including: Li-ion, Li-polymer, LiPO4, NiMH, NiCd, lead-acid and supercap. This portfolio works for many applications such as ePOS, drones, robots, security system, portable personal electronics, and industrial equipment.

Standalone charger


Stand alone single cell 3-A fast charger with high input voltage and power path


Stand-alone synchronous switch-mode Li-Ion or Li-Polymer battery charger with 5V–28V VCC input


High efficiency synchronous switch-mode charger controller – solar battery charger


Synchronous switch-mode Li-Ion and Li-polymer stand-alone battery charger