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Battery charger solutions

For faster and cooler charging

Single and multiple-cell switch-mode chargers provide high efficiency and advanced features for faster and cooler charging of high capacity batteries in smartphones, notebooks, and broad consumer, industrial and medical applications. Linear chargers have ultra low quiescent current and superior termination current accuracy to maximize battery run time and effective battery capacity, which are critical for small battery applications like wearable, IOT, and telematics e-call. Aside from simple, easy to use linear chargers, there is also nanopower battery management unit with more integration of power rails and functionalities.  These compact and integrated solutions are optimal for space limited applications and reduce total solution size.

Latest releases


I2C controlled, 2-cell, 2-a boost-mode battery charger with cell balancing


I2C controlled 1.5-A single cell buck battery charger with 20-mA termination and 1-A boost operation


Low IQ linear battery charge management solution with LDO and ADC


NVDC I2C battery buck-boost charge controller with system power monitor & processor hot monitor

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