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Functional Safety Considerations in Battery Management for Vehicle Electrificati

This paper examines battery monitor considerations to help you meet ISO 26262 functional safety standard in electric vehicles.

Combining buck-boost battery chargers and USB Type-C™ Power Delivery for maximum

This paper examines the benefits of combining USB Type-C™ Power Delivery and buck-boost charging to achieve maximum power density for portable electronic designs.

Wired vs. Wireless Communications In EV Battery Management

This white paper examines design considerations for wired and wireless battery management systems in electric vehicles (EVs).

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BQ76942 IEC ESD 61000-4-2 ESD Test Report PDF 687 16 Nov 2020
BQ76952, BQ76942 Calibration and OTP Programming Guide PDF 568 01 Oct 2020
Cell Balancing with BQ76952, BQ76942 Battery Monitors PDF 699 01 Oct 2020

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Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) PDF 6269 25 Jun 2018