DDR memory power ICs

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We feature a large, diverse portfolio of DDR terminators to fit your system requirements, with both linear- and switching regulator-based solutions to choose from. DDR VDDQ and VTT devices feature low internal references to regulate low DDR core and termination output voltages. Compared to standard linear and switching regulators, DDR terminators can sink or source termination current, and have current capability and external reference inputs to track the VDDQ/2 input and generate the VTT termination rail.

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DDR memory power ICs

Radiation-tolerant, 2.3-V to 3.5-V input, 3-A sink and source DDR-termination LDO regulator

DDR memory power ICs

High-current PMIC for DDR5 server DIMMS with logging auto-clear function

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 4

DDR memory power ICs

Low-current PMIC for DDR5 server DIMMS with logging auto-clear function

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 3.6

Technical resources

More literature
More literature
DDR VTT Power Solutions: A Competitive Analysis (Rev. A)
Learn about termination voltage (VTT) in DDR applications. This application note compares the power loss and voltage deviation of passive and active VTT terminations. 
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Technical article
Technical article
Improving DDR memory performance in automotive applications
Read more about how double-data-rate (DDR) memory enables high speed and performance in many electronic systems because of its ability to read and write on both the rising and falling edge of the clock.
Technical article
Technical article
Four design tips to obtain 2-MHz switching frequency
In this technical article we provide key considerations when trying to operate at 2 MHz using our new TPS54116-Q1 DDR memory power solution as an example.

Design & development resources

Evaluation board
TPS51200 Sink Source DDR Termination Regulator

The TPS51200EVM evaluation board, HPA322A is designed to evaluate the performance andcharacteristics of TI's cost optimized DDR/DDR2/DDR3/LP DDR3 VTT termination regulator, the TPS51200. The TPS51200 is designed to provide proper termination voltage and a 10-mA buffered reference voltage for DDR (...)

Evaluation board
2-A Peak Sink/Source DDR Termination Regulator With VTTREF Buffered Reference

The TPS51206EVM-745 evaluation module (EVM) uses the TPS51206. The TPS51206 is a sink/source double data rate (DDR) termination regulator with VTTREF buffered reference output. It is specifically designed for low-input voltage, low cost, low external component count systems where space is a key (...)

Evaluation board
TPS54116-Q1 Automotive DDR Power Solution Evaluation Module

This evaluation module is designed to demonstrate the small printed-circuit-board areas that may be achieved when designing with the TPS54116-Q1 regulator. An external divider allows for an adjustable output voltage. The TPS54116-Q1 DC/DC converter is a synchronous buck converter designed to (...)

Reference designs related to DDR memory power ICs

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