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Low-side drivers – Technical documents

Fundamentals of MOSFET and IGBT gate driver circuits

This application note demonstrates a systematic approach to design high performance gate drive circuits for high-speed switching applications.

Low-side gate drivers with UVLO versus BJT Totem-Pole

Replacing BJT totem-pole with gate drivers has become increasingly popular due to the elimination of risks. This technical note compares the use of the UCC27517 and the discrete totem-pole.

UCC27531 35V gate driver for SiC MOSFET applications

This application note reviews the characteristics of SiC MOSFETs and how to drive them to achieve the performance improvement that SiC can bring at the system level.

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TI Space Products (Rev. H) PDF 1412 27 Jan 2021
Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) PDF 6269 25 Jun 2018

Radiation & reliability report

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UC1708-SP Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Lookahead Radiation Report PDF 2887 07 Oct 2020
UC1715-SP Radiation Report PDF 766 25 Feb 2020
UC1707-SP (5962-8761903VEA) Neutron Displacement Damage Characterization PDF 680 30 Nov 2017