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Backlight LED drivers – Design & development

High brightness white LED driver EVM

TPS61165 features an integrated boost converter with a 3V to 18V input voltage range and capability to drive 10 LEDs in series.

LED driver for automotive lighting EVM

The LP8861-Q1 backlight LED driver can drive up to 4 LED strings with 12 LEDs each with high efficiency and 2.2MHz switching frequency.

Backlight and smart lighting control

This system conserves power and extends backlight life by dynamically adjusting the backlight brightness relative to the environment's ambient light.

Capacitive-based human proximity detection

This reference design uses Texas Instruments' capacitive-to-digital converter technology to provide a high-precision method to wake up systems when human interaction occurs.

70V, 60mA white LED driver

This compact and efficient (>90%) 440 lumen white LED driver is designed for general purpose LED lighting in 6V to 18V DC powered systems.