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FemtoFET™ N-Channel MOSFET transistors

FemtoFET™ N-Channel MOSFET transistors are the smallest, low on-resistance Power MOSFETs available in the marketplace today. The FemtoFET is Land Grid Array (LGA) package, which is a silicon Chip Scale Package with metal pads instead of solder balls. The FemtoFET is ideal for mobile handsets, tablets, and any other application where saving board space and extending battery life are required.

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FemtoFET Surface Mount Guide (Rev. D)

Texas Instrument (TI) is facilitating the electronics industry’s drive towards smaller packaging outline technologies with the FemtoFET™ series of packages.

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In this video product marketing engineer, Rich Nowakowski, discusses a family of FemtoFET MOSFETs, which are the industry's smallest, low on-resistance power MOSFETs available in the marketplace today.