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Fully customizable integrated power

Customize your PMIC in seconds

Our PMICs are  easy to use and reduce the size of power designs, and we are now offering them for any processor or application. With our "DIY" PMICs, you can make changes to output voltages, sequencing, voltage monitoring thresholds, GPIO control and more! These power management settings can be updated in production, development or run-time using our new user programmable, hardware configurable or software configurable solutions. 

Do it yourself

Our new "do it yourself" PMICs are giving you the freedom to customize fully integrated power solutions for your system. Find out how we're changing the landscape of integrated power. 

User programmable PMICs

The next generation of configurable integrated power solutions are now available. By connecting the socketed PMIC programming BoosterPack™ plug-in modules to a SimpleLink™ LaunchPad™ development kit, you can now reprogram the internal memory of these advanced PMICs to customize them for an application.

Just quickly insert a PMIC into the socket on the programming BoosterPack module, load the TI graphical user interface (GUI), update settings and save the new settings into the PMIC. We've even created detailed training videos to guide you through the process!

Once you choose the settings needed for a given system, production programming is then enabled through TI’s distribution partners. Your settings are now stored for the life of the device or until it is reprogrammed.


Looking for production programming services? Please visit Arrow programming services to get started.

user programmable PMICs

Flexible settings include

  • Output voltages
  • Voltage monitoring thresholds 
  • Sequencing
  • GPIO control

Featured user programmable PMICs


Configurable multi-rail PMIC for MPSoCs and FPGAs.


User-programmable power management IC (PMIC) with 6 DC/DC converters, 1 LDO, and 3 load switches.


User programmable power management IC (PMIC) with 3 DC/DCs, 4 LDOs, battery charger, and LED driver

Featured user programmable hardware

TPS650861 programming BoosterPack

The TPS650861 programming BoosterPack uses an MSP430F5529 Launchpad in order to enable customer programming of the non-volatile memory of the TPS65086100 power management IC. 

TPS65218 Customer programming BoosterPack

The TPS65218 customer programming BoosterPack uses an MSP430F5529 Launchpad enabling customer programming of the non-volatile memory of the TPS6521815 power management IC. The BOOSTXL-TPS65218 features a socket for programming units before soldering down on TPS65218EVM-100 or customer board.

BOOSTXL-TPS652170 customer programming BoosterPack

The TPS652170 customer programming BoosterPack uses an MSP430F5529 Launchpad in order to enable customer programming of the non-volatile memory of the TPS652170 power management IC. 

Hardware configurable PMICs

Configuration doesn't end with our new user-programmable PMICs. We also offer the broadest portfolio of devices featuring hardware configurable voltages  and sequencing for optimizing designs on a PCB. To update voltages, you can use a resistor divider between  the output voltage and GND. We also simplify sequencing with individual enables for each regulator, allowing the flexibility of a discrete solution while still reducing the overall system size.

hardware configurable PMICs

Software configurable PMICs

If our user-programmable PMICs and hardware-configurable PMICs do not meet your system level needs, we also offer a wide range of PMICs with run-time solutions to customize the devices for a specific application or system. With I2C or SPI interfaces, many of our integrated power devices can be configured at run-time using an MCU or processor.

user programmable PMICs