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DC/DC switching regulators – Design & development

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Introducing low power, non-isolated DC/DC power supplies through the next generation of power management curriculum and course development.

Adding enable hysteresis

Adding hysteresis to Enable

Use the calculator tools below to add hysteresis to your switching regulator's Enable input.

Power design tools & simulation

Perform quick calculations and simulations to help you analyze and understand your design performance with our comprehensive power design tools.

Reduce development time with our end-to-end power-supply design tool.

Quickly create circuit simulations with our library of easy-to-use analog simulation programs.

Accelerate your power-supply designs with in-depth, real-time calculations of voltages and currents.

Select the correct discrete point-of-load regulators and PMICs to power your processor or FPGA from TI, Xilinx, Intel, NXP and more.

Generate a quick estimate of the junction temperatures of components on your PCB.