An Engineer’s Guide to Low EMI in DC/DC Regulators

Reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an inescapable requirement in most power-supply applications. Learn how to maintain low EMI when designing DC/DC regulators by understanding relevant mitigation techniques and conducted and radiated emissions.

Topics include:

  • Standards requirements and measurement techniques
  • Noise propagation and filtering
  • Understanding power-stage parasitics
  • Radiated emissions
  • Mitigation techniques using integrated and discrete FET designs
  • Common-mode noise of a flyback regulator
  • Common-mode noise mitigation in isolated designs
  • Spread-spectrum modulation

Technical resources

Understanding EMI and mitigating noise in DC/DC converters
This video provides insight into high-frequency conducted and radiated emissions from switching power regulators which represent an increasingly complex issue in the design and qualification cycle. 
Video series
Video series
Achieving low noise and low EMI performance with DC/DC switching regulators
Explore this comprehensive training series to learn more about the fundamentals of EMI, the various power supply IC technologies that can help reduce emissions, and layout techniques to mitigate EMI at the board level.
White paper
White paper
Time-Saving and Cost-Effective Innovations for EMI Reduction (Rev. A)
In this paper, we examine EMI in switch-mode power supplies, and provide technology examples to help you quickly and easily pass industry-standard EMI tests.
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