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DC/DC buck controllers

Achieve high reliability in high power, thermally-demanding applications

DC/DC step-down controllers with external FETs give designers the ability to optimize their power supply for even the most challenging requirements. With buck controllers, power supply designers can reach levels of output power, operating temperature range, and voltage step-down ratios that are simply not possible with converters or power modules.

Search buck controllers by input voltage range

Battery, 3.3 V

Buck controllers that typically take an input voltage from batteries, supercapacitors (2.7 V or higher), or PCI Express connectors (3.3 V).

12 V

Step-down controllers designed to take a nominal 12-V input as commonly found in automotive, server/ communication systems, or a supercapacitor output found in storage and UPS applications.

19 V, 24 V

Controllers intended for industrial and automotive systems with nominal 24-V input rails, or PC systems with a nominal 19-V input rail.

48 V

Buck controllers designed for 48-V input buses found in Industrial, automotive, and communications applications.


Multiphase buck controller applications typically involve high output current, low output voltage, and tight voltage regulation required for ASIC/FPGA/DDR/DSP/CPU core rails.

Browse by key design characteristics

Wide input voltage

Wide VIN devices feature a maximum input voltage of greater than 30 V and are typically deployed in nominal 12-V, 24-V, and 48-V systems where high-input voltage transients are common.

Low quiescent current

Switching regulators with ultra-low standby quiescent current increase light-load efficiency and extend battery life in portable and battery-operated applications.

FPGA & processor attach

Your digital core craves an efficient power supply. Find the latest and greatest switching converters, controllers, and modules to power every rail of your FPGA or processor.

Low EMI & noise

Mitigating EMI and noise in your switching regulator design may be a challenge, but we are here to help with loads of training material and innovative ICs.

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