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DC/DC buck converters

Balance simplicity and flexibility with integrated-FET step-down voltage converters

Because DC/DC step-down (buck) converters feature a controller with one or more integrated FETs and an external inductor, they offer a balance of flexibility and ease of use. Both non-synchronous (integrated high-side FET and external diode) and synchronous (integrated high-side and low-side FETs) buck converters simplify the design process by reducing external component count. At the same time, having control over the selection of an external inductor lets you optimize your power supply for efficiency, size or cost. No matter what your application is, we have the DC/DC buck voltage converter and corresponding design tools to help you address your power-supply design challenges.

Search DC/DC buck converters by nominal input voltage


DC/DC buck converter ICs intended to take input voltages from various battery chemistries, typically for portable personal electronics applications.

< 6 V

Step-down voltage converters for common 3.3-V and 5-V intermediate buses and input voltage rails for personal electronics and other low-power systems.

12 V

DC/DC step-down converters for common 12-V input applications such as communications infrastructure, enterprise computing or 12-V automotive systems.

24 V

DC/DC buck converters targeting a nominal 24-V input, with maximum operating input voltages as high as 100 V to protect against voltage transients. Common application areas are broad industrial and automotive.

48 V

DC/DC step-down converters for nominal 48-V input voltage systems such as telecommunications infrastructure and the emerging HEV and EV automotive space.

Power trends

Power management is at the center of enabling the continued integration of electronics in our lives. For decades, TI has been at the forefront of developing new process, packaging and circuit-design technologies to deliver the best power devices for your design. Check out our featured DC/DC step-down voltage converters below, designed to help you address a variety of challenges like EMI and power density. 

Buck converters for low EMI

Mitigating buck converter EMI can be a major challenge for many power supply designers. Devices with built-in EMI reduction technologies reduce design time while helping with compliance to difficult standards such as CISPR 25 Class-5. Take a look below for some of our latest and best step-down converters for EMI performance. For more help with EMI mitigation, explore our EMI training hub.


36-V, 6-A synchronous DC/DC buck converter with integrated bypass capacitors and pseudo-random spread spectrum


Automotive 2.75-V to 6-V, 4-A step-down voltage converter in a 2-mm x 3-mm wettable-flanks QFN package


36-V, 10-A synchronous buck converter with DRSS, adjustable switch-node rise time, and symmetrical pinout for low EMI

Buck converters for power density

More power, less board space. This is the trend in applications across all markets as well as the TI step-down converter portfolio. Highlighted by SWIFT™ voltage regulators, these are highly integrated, featuring high performance and high output-current capability in compact, thermally-enhanced packaging.

High-density regulators are a great choice for powering high-current digital loads like FPGAs and processors. Use our processor-attach tool to find the best products to complement your FPGA or processor. 


SWIFT™ step-down converter with industry's highest efficiency for 12-VIN, 6-A applications


The industry's smallest 2-A automotive step-down converter, available in 1.6-mm x 2.1-mm SOT583 package


36-V, 4-A synchronous buck converter in an enhanced EMI QFN package with wettable flanks and external pad

Buck converters for low quiescent current (IQ)

DC/DC buck switching regulators with ultra-low-standby quiescent current increase light-load efficiency and extend battery life in portable and battery-operated applications. Find some of the lowest IQ products in our buck converter portfolio below including the TPS62x family of low-power converters with DCS control technology and the world's lowest IQ switching regulator, the TPS62840. 


1.8-V to 6.5-VIN, high-efficiency 750-mA step-down converter with the world's lowest quiescent current at 60 nA


36-V, 2-A synchronous buck converter with <3-μA quiescent current at 150ºC Tjmax


3-V to 36-V, 6-A, low-EMI synchronous step-down converter with 7-µA no load current

Buck converters for low noise and precision

Typical switching regulators require a post-regulator LDO to power high-resolution ADCs and AFEs. But with the industry's best noise and ripple performance, TPS62912 and TPS62913 allow you to remove that low-noise LDO in most applications, saving PCB area and overall cost while improving system efficiency. 


17-VIN, 2-A low-noise and low-ripple buck converter with integrated ferrite bead filter compensation


17-VIN, 3-A low-noise and low-ripple buck converter with integrated ferrite bead filter compensation

Buck converters for wide VIN

Wide input voltage (VIN) products feature a maximum input voltage greater than 30 V and are typically deployed in nominal 12-V, 24-V and 48-V systems where high-input voltage transients are common. With their additional headroom, wide VIN voltage buck converters let you shrink or eliminate bulky and costly transient suppression circuitry. Explore the entire collection of wide VIN power-supply products, including DC/DC converters, controllers, modules and LDO regulators. Explore featured wide VIN buck converters below.


100-V input, 0.5-A synchronous DC/DC buck converter with ultra-low IQ


3.5-V to 32-V, 3.25-A step-down voltage converter with spread spectrum


3.8-V to 36-V, 4-A step-down SIMPLE SWITCHER® power converter in an SOIC-8 package

Buck converters for ease of use

The DC/DC SIMPLE SWITCHER® power converters has been designed from the ground up for ease of use. Common features include integration of FETs and compensation, low component count, packaging with visual inspection capability and powerful design tools such as the WEBENCH® Power Designer.


3.8-V to 36-V, 2-A synchronous SIMPLE SWITCHER® power converter with ultra-low EMI


4.2-V to 65-V, 1-A synchronous step-down SIMPLE SWITCHER® voltage converter with 26-µA IQ


40-V, 5-A, 2.2-MHz step-down SIMPLE SWITCHER® voltage converter with 40-μA IQ

Buck converters design resources

Quiescent current can be one of the most confusing specifications of a DC/DC converter. Learn the difference between various types of input current flowing into a buck (step-down) regulator.

Reduce development time with our end-to-end power-supply design tool.

Search for any suppliers' switching regulators to find our similar devices by parameter.

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your buck converter design.

Buck converter companion products


Protect your buck converter against overvoltage, short circuit, inrush current control and reverse polarity events.


Manage power-up and power-down of multiple buck converters to ensure reliable operation, better efficiency and overall system health.


Monitor your buck converter for undervoltage or overvoltage conditions to alert the system when a voltage rail deviates from the permissible tolerance level.

DDR terminators

Choose from our large and diverse portfolio of DDR terminators to pair with your buck converter and fit your system requirements.