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Power management

SWIFT™ Point-of-Load DC/DC converters

High-performance conversion for high-current, space-constrained applications

SWIFT DC/DC converters provide a fully-featured, high power density solution to the problem of increasing power requirements with shrinking available PCB area. With input voltages ranging from 3 V to 20 V and output current capability up to 40 A, SWIFT is the go-to brand for powering a high-current, low-voltage digital load from a nominal 12-V, 5-V, or 3.3-V input. 

High efficiency

Integrated low Rdson synchronous FETs utilized in SWIFT converters boost efficiency and reduce power dissipation to improve thermal performance.

High power density

As power requirements increase and PCB area shrinks, SWIFT delivers high output current capability with advanced packaging technologies in small solution sizes.


High-performance features like PMBus capability and high regulation accuracy over line, load, and temperature are hallmarks of the SWIFT portfolio.

Featured products


4-V to 18-V, 3-A synchronous SWIFT™ step-down converter


4-V to 18-V, 8-A synchronous SWIFT™ step-down converter


2.95-V to 18-V, stackable 20-A synchronous SWIFT™ buck converter with pin-strapping and PMBus

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Internally compensated advanced current mode (ACM) (Rev. A)

Internally-compensated advanced current mode offers the transient response of COT with the fixed frequency of current mode.

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