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Power management

DC/DC buck modules

The simplest and smallest option for step-down DC/DC voltage conversion

DC/DC step-down (buck) power modules integrate inductors, FETs, compensation and other passive components into a single package to simplify the design process and speed customer time-to-market with a minimized power-supply footprint. We feature the industry's most diverse portfolio of step-down modules, reaching 60 VIN and 60 A with a variety of packaging options to choose from.

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MicroSiP™ power modules

Small solution size and high power density for space-constrained applications.

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QFN modules with leadless packaging provide a small footprint for high-current and high-density designs.

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Open frame

Non-isolated DC/DC step-down modules built on PC board substrates with SMD or through-hole interface pins.

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Robust, exposed-lead packaging represents the ultimate in ease-of-use DC/DC design, with low pin-counts and visual inspection capability.

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DC/DC buck modules: simplify & shrink your design

Our integrated-inductor step-down modules simplify the process of DC/DC design compared to discrete converter and controller ICs. DC/DC buck modules also minimize power-supply solution size to maximize power density and meet challenging PCB area constraints. 

  • Optimal converter selected for the specification
  • Reduced component sourcing and qualification
  • Integrated controller, FETs, inductor or passives
  • Up to 40% PCB area reduction compared to discrete

Power trends

Power management is at the center of enabling the continued integration of electronics in our lives. For decades, TI has been at the forefront of developing new process, packaging and circuit-design technologies to deliver the best power devices for your design. Check out our featured step-down power modules below, designed to help you address EMI and power density challenges. 

Buck modules for power density

More power, less board space. In addition to being a trend in applications across all markets, it is also one of the key benefits of using a step-down module. Buck modules feature an integrated inductor and FETs to not only minimize power supply size, but also simplify design and help get customers to market faster. On the inside, the centerpiece of each module is a high-efficiency buck regulator surrounded by a layout optimized for thermal performance.

High-density power modules are a great choice for powering high-current digital loads like FPGAs and processors. Use our processor-attach tool to find the best power supply devices to surround your FPGA or processor. 


5.5-V input, 2-A, step-down module with integrated inductor in a 1.1-mm x 2-mm x 2.5-mm QFN package


36-V, 4-A step-down power module in a small 5.5-mm x 5-mm x 4-mm Enhanced HotRod™ QFN package with simple footprint


4.5-V to 28-V input, 1.2-V to 6-V output, 2.5-A buck module in a 4-mm x 4.5-mm FCOL QFN package

Buck modules for low EMI

Mitigating power-supply EMI can be a major challenge for many power-supply designers, so why not make it as simple as possible? With their high level of integration and an internal layout that is optimized to minimize noise, buck modules are an excellent choice to save design time and help you comply with difficult standards like CISPR 22 Class-B.

Take a look below at some of our latest and best DC/DC step-down modules for EMI performance. For more help with EMI mitigation, explore our EMI training hub.


3.5-V to 36-V input, 1-V to 20-V output, 6-A power module that meets EN55011 radiated emissions


2.75-V to 6-V, 4-A step-down module with adjustable-frequency and optional spread spectrum in 3-mm x 4-mm μSIL


36-V, 1-A step-down DC/DC power module in 3.8-mm × 3-mm package

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