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Buck Modules (Integrated Inductor) Support & Training

Buck converter training

Browse our library of DC/DC step-down buck converter on-demand training videos, brought to you by none other than TI's power supply experts.

Buck converter design support

Streamline your project with TI’s DC/DC buck converter technical design resources.

Step-down power modules training

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Introduction to power modules

Choosing between a DC/DC power module and a discrete switching regulator When should I select a power module instead of a converter as my step-down DC/DC power supply? Learn the pros and cons of each approach in this brief video.


Benefits and trade-offs of various power-module package options Texas Instruments has developed innovative power module solutions in a variety of package options. Choosing the right package involves trade-offs in size, power density, and ease of use.
Power modules – how we build them and why you need them This video reviews TI’s broad range of Power Modules, where and why they are used, and how different types of modules are built. Resulting performance trade-offs vs. different application requirements are also discussed.
Powerful solutions come in small packages TI has the most diverse portfolio of power module package options in the industry. Read more about how to determine which package type is right for your system, and how a system-in-package power supply can simplify and accelerate the design process.

Advanced features and applications

Selecting a Wide VIN DC/DC module for Industry 4.0 Smart Systems Learn how to simplify the product selection & power supply design processes for Wide VIN DC/DC power modules in Industry 4.0 applications.
SIMPLE SWITCHER® Nano Modules vs. LDOs A discussion of the pros and cons of both solution types and why integrated-inductor DC/DC switching regulators may be a better choice over LDOs.

Buck power modules videos