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Enabling Small, Cool and Quiet Power Modules with Enhanced HotRod™ QFN Packaging

Learn about the thermal management and EMI benefits associated with the Enhanced HotRod QFN package for DC/DC converters and modules.

Enhanced HotRod QFN Package: Industry-Best Size with Low EMI

Address size, thermal, and EMI design challenges with the Enhanced HotRod QFN package.

Switching regulator fundamentals (Rev. C)

Learn the basics about each of the major DC/DC topologies, from buck and boost to push-pull and full-bridge.

Control-Mode Quick Reference Guide (Rev. A)

An overview of various control modes for non-isolated DC/DC step-down controllers and converters and the advantages of each.

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Selection guide

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Buck Converter Quick Reference Guide (Rev. B) PDF 400 08 Apr 2021
TI Space Products (Rev. H) PDF 1412 27 Jan 2021
SWIFT DC/DC Converters Selector Guide (Rev. G) PDF 497 06 Feb 2019

Solution guide

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White paper

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Powering a New Era of High-Performance Space-Grade Xilinx FPGAs PDF 1218 29 Mar 2021
Enabling Higher Data Rates for Optical Modules With Small and Efficient Power PDF 1060 22 Mar 2021
克服低功耗應用中的低 IQ 挑戰 PDF 1818 11 Mar 2021

Radiation & reliability report

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Single-Event Effects Test Report of the TPS7H4010-SEP PDF 2692 10 Dec 2020
TPS7H4010-SEP Neutron Displacement Damage Characterization PDF 1808 30 Nov 2020
TPS7H4010-SEP Production Flow and Reliability Report PDF 404 30 Nov 2020