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Fly-Buck™ converters - Design & development

Isolated tri-output fly-buck power supply for industrial PLC applications - reference design

Three isolated outputs, +5V@1A and +/-15V@200mA, are generated by a single LM5160 Fly-Buck™ converter in this reference design for PLC and industrial applications.

LM5160DNTFBKEVM fly-buck isolated bias supply evaluation board

The LM5160 evaluation board is designed to operate over an input voltage range of 18V to 32V with an isolated 12V, 400mA output.

LM5161 wide VIN fly-buck evaluation module

This evaluation board provides a 12-V, 800mA secondary isolated output voltage from an input range of 36V to 72 V. 

LM5017 isolated bias supply evaluation board

The continuous conduction mode operation of LM5017 allows for its use as a Fly-Buck™ converter to generate a secondary, isolated output.