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Isolated DC/DC converters & modules – Design & development

Featured reference designs and EVMs

High-efficiency, low-emission, isolated DC/DC converter-based analog input module reference design

This reference design is a simplified architecture for generating an isolated power supply for isolated amplifiers for measuring isolated voltages and currents. 

Isolated IGBT gate-drive power supply reference design with integrated switch PSR flyback controller

This reference design provides isolated positive and negative voltage rails for Insulated  Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) gate drivers from a 24-V DC input supply. The integration of a 100-V rated primary-side switch within the LM5180 flyback converter enables a compact solution. 

SN6501 transformer driver for isolated power supplies evaluation module

The SN6501-Multi-Xfmr EVM is configured with five independent circuits providing options to operate using either a +3.3Vdc or +5.0Vdc input and provides isolated 3.3Vdc or 5.0Vdc outputs. Two of the circuits include LDO's to regulate the output.

Featured technical documents

High-voltage reinforced isolation

Understand the definitions of high-voltage isolation parameters, their relevance to real applications, and the methodologies used to test them. This will help you pick the right isolator.

PSR Flyback DC/DC converters for mHEV applications

This tech note describes a condensed transformer design procedure for a low-power PSR flyback DC/DC converter in an automotive application.

Signal and power isolation

This application note gives out information on how to make a compact-design for a combination of signal and power isolation.