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eFuse and hot swap controllers

System-level power path protection

Improve the reliability of your system against overvoltage, short circuit, inrush current and reverse polarity events. We’ve taken our single-chip ICs one step further than traditional eFuse devices by implementing discrete protection circuitry for the most robust device and system-level protection.  Get started with our eFuse for a tiny, thermally optimized option or choose a hot swap controller with an external pass FET if your design requires more flexibility.



Power path protection

An eFuse is a fully integrated protection device that protects against short circuit, inrush, overvoltage or reverse polarity events. Hot swaps provide similar protection for greater than 15A current rating requirements.

Simple & efficient design

Eliminate the complexity of selecting and optimizing your pass FET and discrete protection components. With our integrated solutions, you can reduce your PCB area by up to 70%.


Fast time to market

Reduce circuit design and testing time by selecting eFuses that meet the criteria for various safety and performance certification standards such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recognition.

Featured eFuse and hot swap controllers


42-V, 2-A industrial eFuse with integrated reverse input polarity protection


TPS2663 is a 60V, 6A power limiting, surge protection industrial eFuse with a 31-mΩ integrated FET. This is easy to use and has additional protection features.


TPS25982 is a 15A, 3mΩ eFuse with accurate current monitor and configurable retry timers. This is a highly integrated circuit protection and power management solution in a small package.

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Featured design resources 

Read this application note to understand the challenges and limitations of discrete circuit protection options in contrast to integrated solutions.

Utilize an eFuse or hot swap reference design and customize your power path to solve system-level challenges.

Browse our library of application notes that address both basic and more advanced protection design topics.