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eFuse and hot swap basics

Basics of eFuses Learn more about the limitations of discrete circuit protection solution. This report also provides an example comparison of a TI eFuse versus a discrete solutions for a typical HDD application.
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Robust hot swap design  This application note discusses key principals and design considerations to ensure your hot swap application can be safety operated under all possible conditions. App note

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How to integrate your hot swap with an eFuse If you need to integrate your FET to save precious board space, read this technical article to see a schematic and select a UL-certified eFuse to protect your design.  Technical article
Surge stopping and reverse voltage protection with a hot swap controller This paper discusses two configuration options for the LM5069 to achieve reverse voltage protection and over-voltage clamping while retaining the additional benefits of a hot swap controller. App report
Handling system transients in hot swap applications  This report provides theoretical analysis and experimental results of system transients. In addition, application level solutions are proposed to ensure robust designs. App report
Power multiplexing using load switches and eFuses TI’s load switch and eFuse portfolio provides designers with flexible Power MUXing solutions for systems that require a controlled transition between supplies. This application note explores concerns related to power MUXing and demonstrates multiple multiplexing solutions. App note
eFuses: clamping and cutoff and auto retry, Oh my! This 3-part technical article series helps simplify the eFuse selection process by removing the confusing around options for overvoltage, overcurrent and fault response. Technical article
Achieve 20-A circuit protection and space efficiency using paralleled eFuses Certain applications like servers and communications equipment demand currents in the range of several tens of amperes. Learn how to operate devices in parallel with equal current load to ensure proper system operation and dynamic response.  App note

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eFuse: Safety Certification and why it Matters

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