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Ideal diode/ORing controllers – Design & development

Featured evaluation modules

LM66100 ±6V, 1.5A low IQ ideal diode evaluation module

The LM66100EVM allows the user to apply different input voltages (1.5 V to 5.5 V) under different loading conditions (0 A to 1.5 A), and evaluate configurations such as dual oRing and reverse polarity protection.

LM76202-Q1 ideal diode evaluation module

The LM76202-Q1 is a compact 4.2-V to 55-V, 2.23-A ideal diode with programmable under-voltage, reverse-polarity protection, reverse current blocking, current limiting, and output current monitoring features.

LM74700 evaluation module

 This evaluation module demonstrates how an N-channel power MOSFET can emulate a very-low forward voltage diode with low IQ and low-leakage current flowing through the IC.