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Ideal diode/ORing controllers – Technical documents

Basics of Ideal Diodes

Read how ideal diode controllers from TI overcome the common limitations of Schottky diodes or P-channel MOSFETs used for traditional input protection or ORing applications.

Eliminate the Voltage Drop and Save Power: An Ideal Diode (Rev. A)

In applications like smart eMeters or thermostats backup batteries or redundant power supplies may be leveraged to reduce system downtime. See how the LM66100 can be used to block reverse current with a low forward voltage drop.

Six System Architectures With Robust Reverse Battery Protection Using an Ideal D

New automotive trends are demanding higher efficiency and power density in front-end power systems. Explore how the new LM74800-Q1 B2B FET ideal diode controller is simplifying multiple common design architectures.

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Designing a Low-Cost, High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometer Multiple Files 3884 25 Nov 2020
Basics of Power MUX (Rev. A) PDF 1064 20 Oct 2020
Fast Role Swap, Linear ORing with TPS25947 and LM73100 in USB-Type C Systems (Rev. A) PDF 709 07 Oct 2020

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Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) PDF 6269 25 Jun 2018