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Seamlessly switch from your current solution to an integrated power mux

Power muxes select and transition between two input power paths to a single output with protection. A power mux chooses between different inputs such as barrel-jack, USB, wireless charging, backup power, and battery. In addition, these devices assist with applications that require a fast or seamless switchover response. This ensures that the system does not reset during any power transitions.

Switchover performance

Fast switchover performance minimizes voltage droop to keep the system on during power transitions. Automatic and user controlled options available.


Get the most from our single chip solution with integrated over voltage, over current and inrush current protection as well as soft start and thermal shut down features.

Total solution size

Lower BOM count and smaller solution size leads to more layout flexibility and increased power density.

Featured power muxes


The TPS2120 is a 22V, 3A integrated power mux with additional protection features. This is our smallest power mux in a 1.5mm x 2.0mm WCSP package, making it ideal for space constrained applications.


The TPS2121 is a 22V, 4.5A integrated power mux with additional protection features. The fast switchover time of this device allows for minimal voltage drop when switching between supplies.


The TPS2124 is a 2.8-V to 22-V priority power MUX with seamless switchover

Featured design resources

The basics of power muxes

Learn what a power mux is, what features are important and how to find the solution or topology to meet your unique requirements.

Reference design

Learn how to use the TPS2121 along with an external voltage reference for precision switchover performance. This is helpful for mission critical systems, which require uninterrupted operations.

TI E2E™ support forums

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.