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11 Ways to Protect Your Power Path

Discover all of the ways that various power switches can be used to solve your most difficult power design challenges. While this e-book goes into detail, you can jump into the most relevant topics for your design at the right.

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Selection guides

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TI Space Products (Rev. G) PDF 5596 15 May 2019
Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) PDF 6269 25 Jun 2018
USB Type-A Power Switch and Charging Controller Selector Guide (Rev. F) PDF 397 24 May 2018

Solution guides

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Radiation & Reliability reports

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Single-Event Effects Test Report of the TPS7H2201-SP Load Switch (Rev. A) PDF 1026 03 Jun 2019
TPS7H2201-SP Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Report (Rev. B) PDF 3619 17 Apr 2019
TPS7H2201-SP Neutron Displacement Damage Characterization PDF 1423 25 Jan 2019