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DRAx digital cockpit SoCs - Digital cluster

Automotive instrument panels are a critical part of the ongoing digital cockpit revolution in the car. The automotive industry is in the midst of an overhaul to upgrade instrument clusters from analog to hybrid and fully reconfigurable digital solutions which enable rich content, bigger displays, and tailored display content with picture-realistic look and feel for a better driver experience.

TI’s powerful Jacinto™ DRAx automotive system-on-chip (SoC) platform offers a compelling solution for driving fully reconfigurable automotive digital cluster systems. TI’s Jacinto DRAx processor family is a scalable, robust, software and hardware compatible platform that can address safety, graphics, security and fast boot requirements of a digital cluster solution. In addition, it enables customers to design cost effective solutions for systems ranging from entry level to premium, with excellent power and thermal performance. The Jacinto DRAx heterogeneous architecture enables integration of additional features into digital cluster system including driver monitoring system, robust rear-view-camera, and content from infotainment head-unit.

Automotive Instrument Digital Cluster

Features and benefits

Scalable platform

The DRAx automotive processors share a common core platform and architecture, allowing software to be reused, as developers scale their design from entry to premium segment, to enable digital cluster solutions from 1920x720 @60fps to 2880x1080 @60fps display resolutions.

Graphics performance

The DRAx processor family's graphics and display architecture includes a 3-D GPU, 2-D GPU and a powerful display subsystem. This enables:

  • Rich 3D digital cluster graphics content and 60fps needle performance.
  • Multi-display support from 1920x720 @60fps to 2880x1080 @60fps.

Safety and security support

The DRAx automotive processors have a number of safety and security features supported in hardware that enable customers to design systems that can achieve ASIL-B safety levels. The Jacinto DRAx processor’s security support enables secure boot and run-time security.

Fast/early boot

The DRAx heterogeneous architecture and performance enables customers to meet early and fast boot requirements of cluster solutions including:

  • Early CAN response, splash screen and early audio.
  • Fast tell-tales and fast 3D graphics including gauges and needles. 

Product family selection guide





Pin2Pin compatible
Cluster Display Resolution

                            1920x720 @60fps


2880x1080 @60fps
MPU (DMIPs) Up to 3.5k Up to 5.25k Up to 10.6k Up to 12.7k
Aux MPU (Mhz) 2x Dual-M4 (212) 2x Dual-M4 (212) 2x Dual-M4 (212) 2x Dual-M4 (212)



SGX544 (Up to 13.6) SGX544 (Up to 17) SGX544- MP2 (Up to 34) SGX544- MP2 (Up to 42.5)
2D GPU (Mhz) GC320 (354) GC320 (354) GC320 (354) GC320 (354)
Memory BW (GB/s) Up to 5.3 Up to 5.3 Up to 8.5 Up to 10.7
Optional Cores IVA-HD (Multimedia HD video decode and encode for infotainment content integration)
Power Management TPS65919 TPS65917 TPS65917 or TPS659039 TPS659039
Software Compatibility Software Compatible

Hardware and software tools

DRA74x/DRA75x Evaluation Module

General purpose evaluation module that integrates all key peripherals required for digital cockpit applications. The JAMR3 tuner and LCD/TS (1900x1200) daughter boards complement the main CPU board to offer a complete system that will help jump start evaluation and application development.

DRA72x Evaluation Module

General purpose evaluation module that integrates key peripherals including support for connecting a camera module over CSI-2 interface. The JAMR3 tuner and LCD/TS (1900x1200) daughter boards complement the CPU board to offer a complete system that will help jump start the application development.

DRA71x Evaluation Module

General purpose evaluation module with optimized PMIC for DRA71x processor and integrates peripherals used in digital cluster and infotainment applications. The CPU board supports interfacing with LCD/TS (1280x800) and JAMR3 daughter boards that will help jump start the application development.

Processor Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Jacinto DRAx platform has a very rich, mature software and ecosystem support.

    • HLOS and RTOS:
    • Linux
    • QNX
    • Green Hills Software Integrity
    • Mentor Nucleus OS

    • HMI Toolkits:
    • Altia Socionext CGI
    • StudioDiSTI GLStudio
    • Rightware Kanzi
    • Crank StoryBoard

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