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Jacinto™ DRAx digital cockpit SoCs

Scalable family of automotive processors for digital cockpit solutions

The Jacinto DRAx family of automotive digital cockpit processors (DRA7xx), paired with robust software and ecosystem offering bring unprecedented feature-rich, in-vehicle infotainment, instrument cluster and telematics features to the next generation automobiles.

Software platforming

Common core platform and architecture for maximum reuse of investments and R&D efficiency to scale from entry to premium level vehicles.

Performance, safety & security

Enable the best concurrences and features by leveraging the heterogeneous architecture of the platform.

Integration & differentiation

Optimize system bill of materials (BOM) via integration and leverage image, vision, and signal processing to differentiate digital cockpit systems.

Featured devices


The DRA72x processor brings feature-rich, in-vehicle infotainment and telematics features to the next generation of entry- to mid-level automobiles.


The DRA74x processor delivers an unparalleled in-vehicle experience, heightens performance and integrates architecture for tomorrow's in-vehicle displays, 3D navigation and high-definition multimedia.

Digital cockpit applications