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DRAx gateway and vehicle compute SoCs

Accelerating the data highway to pave the way for the software-defined car

Automotive architectures are rapidly evolving to support the evolution of semi-autonomous and autonomous driving, electric vehicles that enable "green" operation and higher efficiency and connected-cars that use high data bandwidths to communicate with the cloud. Our DRA82x family of gateway and vehicle compute SoCs is designed to support these new architectures by seamlessly integrating the compute and networking capabilities of the software-defined car.

Advance your automotive gateway

Explore our new DRA821 processors, tailor-made for gateway system.

  • Arm® Cortex®-A72 and R5F cores
  • High-speed I/O functionality
  • On-chip functional safety features

Take advantage of higher levels of integration

DRA82x processors support next-generation vehicle architectures and reduces system complexity with higher levels of integration.

  • PCIe switch for vehicle compute systems
  • Gb Ethernet switch with time-sensitive networking
  • Safety MCU
  • Functional safety and security

Leverage decades of functional safety expertise

We crafted DRA82x processors from the ground up with functional safety in mind, relying on our decades of expertise in functional safety design.

  • Mixed criticality
  • Embedded safety MCU up to ASIL-D
  • SoC up to ASIL-B

Advanced automotive gateway architectures


Automotive vehicle architectures are rapidly changing. The road to autonomy and connected cars generate an ever increasing amount of data that needs to be processed by an application processor and communicated securely and safely across interfaces such as PCIe, Ethernet, CAN, and LIN.

DRA82x gateway and vehicle compute SoCs have multiple processing cores, PCIe and Ethernet switches, traditional CAN-FD and LIN interfaces, and features for functional safety requirements up to ASIL-D, giving you the capabilities you need to build an advanced automotive gateway system.

Evolving automotive gateways for next-generation vehicles

In this white paper you'll learn about next-generation gateway architectures and how our new DRA829V gateway and vehicle compute SoC is well-equipped to support them.

Leverage Jacinto 7 Processors Functional Safety Features for Automotive Designs

In this white paper, we review safety diagnostics, isolation mechanisms that enable mixed-criticality systems, the software architecture, software product offerings, and how to construct a complete system on DRA82x and TDA4x SoCs.

Take advantage of higher levels of integration

As autonomous vehicle, electric vehicle, and connected-car trends continue moving forward, architectural design challenges, as well as overall system costs, must be addressed for these exciting technologies to enter into more vehicles across an OEM's fleet. DRA82x gateway and vehicle compute SoCs integrate all the key blocks to help address system cost and enable you to get your next-generation designs into more vehicles.

integration block diagram

Typical architecture for vehicles today

DRA829V integration block diagram

Future vehicle architecture using DRA82x SoCs

Build a vehicle compute platform for the software-defined car

One of the trends in automotive vehicle architectures is vehicle compute platforms.  These new architectures enable the software defined vehicle by providing high computing resources.  The DRA829V SoC addresses the challenges posed by the new vehicle compute architectures by providing computing resources and efficiently moving data within the vehicle compute platform and communicating across the vehicle network.

Evaluate and sample

Online training

The videos above are a small collection from the Jacinto 7 processors for automotive training series. Explore the entire series to learn even more about device architecture, features and benefits of key subsystems, software architecture, and how to get started on your application development.